Kirktonhill Energy Ltd

About us............

we are a group of like minded engineering, construction, project and operations professionals who strip back project/operations management to the essentials. We keep the management of projects simple rather than mo​re complicated (and expensive) than it needs to be. We draw daily on our pool of competence and we add to our talent in a continuous process. We don't waste much time writing it all down to satisfy the fool who thinks by reading it he can acquire all our wisdom.

We dont employ Project Directors - we believe directors belong in the boardroom, not in an engineering or project office - and you will not find any presidents or vice presidents either - it’s the White House for them!

Oscar Wilde said: 'Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing' We think he was right... and wrong. We have the experience, hard won, bought and paid for - our clients pay for our services and benefit from our experience for free.

In the photo: our MD beside a machine even older than he is! .......It's an International Harvester TD14 bulldozer in working condition (so is our MD) and can be seen in a museum of the timber industry on Vancouver Island, Canada. They also have a steam sawmill there - well worth a visit if you like that sort of thing. So we are not all about work although our wives and girlfriends don't buy that one!